In ancient China, Taoists were concerned with discovering the secret for long life and eventually they realised that the ‘Fountain of Youth’ is not so much a magic pill or elixir but rather a process, an art or a way of living called Yang Shen 养身 which is the foundation underlying all classical Chinese medical theory. That is, embracing the process of regulating the vital substances we are made of, the Three Treasures (Body, Chi and Soul) through self-cultivation practices aimed at personal health.

Having healed myself, treated and healed thousands of patients through more than twenty eight years of private clinical practice in Brazil, London, New York and Barcelona, I came to a conclusion. I realised that through accessing the healing power of internal martial arts and acupuncture I could not only produce a lasting and significant physiological change in my students and patients bodies but also provide them with a clear understanding of Yang Shen’s essence. For this I needed to develop a "healing kit" - a group of specific movements and inner tools manageable in any daily routine and that is the Smart Move IGung Method.™
The name of my method - IGung comes from my contemporary application of the timeless wisdom embodied in Chi Gung. The term 'I' or Yi means mind and intention in Chinese Philosophy - Gung from 'Nei Gung' literally means 'work' and 'Nei' refers to internal focus or awareness. So in the practice of IGung we cultivate a gaze directed inwardly, mindfully awakening our life force and replenishing our inner resources. This is a smart thing to do in our over stimulated digitally saturated world. This process of energetic embodiment enables us to balance the external demands of life and organically engage with our time on Earth.
"Balance, power, physical health, wellbeing, spirituality …all of these are pieces… all part of cultivating life…. Life exists and come to us, but then what we do with our lives may deplete life in our body or it may cultivate it, promote it and even enhance it… What I was doing was depleting life with stress, it was drying my energy… But thanks to these practices I have gained physical wellbeing, empowerment, ownership of my body, balance and peace… a lot of peace and spirituality."
Dr. Anna Iñesta-Codina
H.R. Talent and Well-Being Project Director Professor

Life inevitably brings disruption, upheavals, demands on our inner resources and various stresses and strains that push and pull our system out of balance. By developing greater internal strength and reconnecting to our body’s innate sense of centre and rootedness, the effect of all of this along with emotional and mental stress, can be greatly reduced.

It is exactly this natural drive towards balance, with all its attendant benefits, that you are going to be able to access and liberate in your own system. Essentially these exercises are about finding the harmony that already exists in you.

Smart Move IGung is a road map for unwrapping and regulating your life force which generates health and the warriors wisdom in you.
Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.
If you realise that you have enough,
you are truly rich.
If you stay in the centre
and embrace death with your whole heart,
you will endure forever.
Tao Te Ching, verse 33
Let me teach you online or in person, practical tools of how you yourself can break down these patters of stress/tension/confusion/pain and access deep inner fountains of your life force, learn to regulate your resources and become "juicy" via Yang Shen - life cultivating practices so you can put your energies in what matter to you most.
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Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
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