Smart Move IGung Programme™

Although "embodiment" is recently being acknowledged by western scientific and medical communities as an essential quality for individual joyfulness, stability and the evolution of humanity as a whole, it is in fact an ancient practice which has been the foundation of Taoism and Classical Chinese medicine for over 2500 years.

As the single most important underlying holistic concept of this ancient medicine, the art of embodying & cultivating life, Yang Shen (养身), is concerned with the harmonious integration of our vital substances, Jīng or body, Chi or energy, Shén or mind (精氣神).

This programme teaches exactly this integration, as well as centering and rooting (the source of power for internal martial arts) through various techniques of relaxation, posture, movement, breathing and whole body awareness.

Participants learn a unique set of skills to release daily and basal (deep seated) stress in the nervous system. This in turn regulates their inner resources and consequently generates a more vigorous, grounded and accessible full body of energy.

The Smart Move IGung Programme is a dynamic and inclusive approach to health, enabling practitioners to take control of their well being, experience a sense of personal empowerment and explore the full extent of their life’s potential.

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"Ancient knowledge 
for modern living."
One of the most appealing  and practical aspects  of this method is the easy with which you can incorporate it into your daily life. Do the exrcises constantly for a few weeks and you will undoubtedly feel renewd levels of energy and a greater freedom of movement . Continue to do so and you will mantaina good level of mobility right down to the celular level and righ through to old age.

Sessions for Individuals

• To assist and treat people with a broad range of conditions and life issues, including long term discomforts and pain

• For students and other practitioners of healing arts wanting to do a tune up or add healing content to their practices

Individuals or Small Groups (up to 10 max):

• Designed for busy people (with no major health problems) in stressful work environments who wish to feel healthier and work with more vitality

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Classes - offered online

Grounding, Rooting & Earthing - Yquan Standing Practices

We all have our unique stories but the basic thing we all share from scratch is that we are here, receiving the impact of gravity in this realm between Heaven and Earth. Finding and cultivating our centre of gravity however, goes far beyond physical balance, it also means connecting to a point of return, stability and calm when life's challenges and emotions push us off balance.

The practice of Grounding, Rooting & Earthing teaches exactly that, how to embody and balance  Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin) within yourself.

Earthing, grounded, centre of gravity, connectedness,inner power, health, longevity

Foundation to advanced practices for anyone interested in building inner strength  

• 21 days Standing, Grounding & Rooting practice + Bonus: IGung Spinal Roll + 1 online live class + Faxebook community ( to enjoy exchanging and solving doubts within a gruop) 
It takes 21 days to form a new habit therefore we created the 21 days short videos  (5 to 10 min) foundation course for you to immerse into this powerful practice and get started with its benefits into your system straight away. 
• Standing, Grounding & Rooting, Weekly Practice + Bonus: IGung Spinal Roll + 1 online live class per month + Faxebook community ( to enjoy exchanging and solving doubts within a gruop)
These are a year around short videos  (5 to 15 min) weekly classes where you can gradually integrate this ancient knowledge into your system, (foundation to advanced) and harvest all its inummerable benefists. 
If you wish to participate in our Yquan Standing Practices and enjoy the benefits they bring, then start cultivating life by clicking here

Workshops and Courses - offered online or onsite

IGung Bed Exercises – your daily easy, fast and effective routine

Learn an extraordinary and simple set that releases deep often hidden tension in your nervous system.

IGung Bed Exercises is a sequence of moves, extracted from the therapeutic principles of Tai Chi and Chi Gung, but here adapted to be performed in about 5 to 10 minutes lying on your back, in bed, as soon as you wake up.

It breaks down general stiffness in the muscle tone, lengthens the body’s fascia and stimulates the flow of Chi and blood through the acupuncture channels for optimum physical and mental health.

As well as being great for addressing long term problems, IGung also off sets the physical effects of daily stress. The Bed Exercises are also a superb complementary programme for those already committed to disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, cycling, running, swimming and so on.

IGung Bed Exercises really are the most practical thing you can do to prepare your body for the day.

For individuals or groups who wish to reset their system (participants learn a sequence of 10 exercises)

• 2 live sessions online of 45 min each + bonus exercise material as a reminder

For individuals with long term discomforts/conditions and life issues (participants learn a sequence of 15 exercises)

• 3 live sessions online of 45 min each + bonus exercise sequence as a reminder

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung @ the Desk - Your Chill Out Workout

The fact that we walk on cement most of the time, very often with our headphones in, receive excessive visual inputs from electronic screens and spend much of our day seated, tends to make us forget that we are living organisms and that the vibrant elixir of youth, creativity and productivity is keeping our body and mind alive.

This workshop teaches how best to keep this vitality alive throughout your working day. Right there at the desk you learn, through a 5 minute sequence of movement, how to maintain internal space for optimum metabolism and mental clarity.

For individuals or groups who wish to reset their system

• 1 live session online of 30 min + a bonus of a 5 min. daily practice video

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung Immunity Boost - Self Kit

Boost your immunity, release stress and restore your energy with this workshop.

Given that the lungs have a major impact on both energy levels and immunity response, this workshop focuses on immediately useful techniques such as:

• direct stimulation of specific acupressure points
• ways to unblock restriction in your diaphragm and rib cage
• deep physiotherapy breathing to boost your immunity
• other strategies to enable you to take control of your health and enliven your respiratory system.

For individuals or groups who wish to reset their system

• 2 live sessions online of 50 min each + Self Kit bonus : guidelines in pdf and two audios for guided practice

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung SOS Centring - From stress and anxiety to centeredness

In oriental medicine the Earth element is our source of stability and centre.

Energetically speaking the earth is the "seed" of our physical existence and the "nutrition" that gives us strength. When we are in a state of anxiety and stress, we lose this centre and fall into obsessions, worries, stagnation, we lose the taste for life, and we stop appreciating what we have.

In this course participants learn many strategies to ground and root, anchoring the mind into the body which immediately releases stress and produces significant therapeutic effects.

When we satisfy our need for this primary "nutrition" by understanding how to cultivate the Earth element in ourselves, we experience the feeling that comes from this full centeredness as an ability to feel free and enjoy life again.

For individuals only (that have been dealing with anxiety and chronic stress and wish to reset their system)

• 4 live sessions (see Sessions page) - tailor to your specific needs + guidelines for continued practice

For onsite sessions

• please contact here 

IGung Spinal Stretch - Grow Stronger

Ideally our spines move dynamically, easily and elastically in relation to both the adjacent connective tissue and the skeleton as a whole. This responsiveness directly impacts our strength and balance and also plays an important role in the overall health and functioning of our vital organs.

However, this natural state becomes compromised through the build up of stress, somatised emotions, sedentary work patterns and the many demands of modern living.

In this workshop you will learn how to direct gravitational force, create space between vertebrae, calibrate movement to reclaim spinal responsiveness and gain some insight into the bio-mechanics of internal martial arts.

In this way participants will effectively learn how to release and access previously trapped energy, retain their natural height and understand how to sustain the benefits of a healthy spine.

For individuals or groups of fit people that wish to lengthen their spine, become healthier and stronger:

• 2 live sessions online of 45 min each + guidelines to continued practice

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

Postural IGung Course

Postural IGung is a major part of Cultivating Life programme, is it the an integral fluid postural method utilising movement and biomechanical alignment in relation to the force of gravity.

Participants learn how to find the still point, an ideal, mutually supportive balance between the many forces at work in the body, referred to as Biotensegrity (ie. tensional integrity or floating compression).

This focus on refining structural integration not only re-establishes the ideal relationship between ligaments, fascia and bones but Postural Igung also leads to others extraordinary benefits :

• it generates springiness in the joints, boosts Chi flow in the acupuncture channels thus generating inner strength and vitality

• it minimises wear and tear of daily on your body

• it helps heal numerous ailments and chronic conditions that have their origins in long term physical, energetic and emotional imbalances

• as a meditative practice, its even, smooth, repetitive motions calm the mind, stabilise emotions and cultivate concentration

For individuals or groups, people who wish to cultivate life, become healthier and stronger:

• beginners: 12 online live sessions of 30 min each + bonus of exercises reminder
• intermediate: 8 online live sessions of 30 min each + bonus of exercises reminder
• advanced: 4 online live sessions of 30 min each + bonus of exercises reminder

For Individuals that have been dealing with long term discomforts/conditions and life issues:

• beginners: 12 online live sessions of 60 min each + bonus of exercises reminder
• intermediate: 8 online live sessions of 45 min each + bonus of exercises reminder
• advanced: 4 online live sessions of 45 min each + bonus of exercises reminder

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung Tensional Headache Protocol - for the prevention and treatment of headache, tensional migraine, nausea and dizziness associated with shoulder and neck stiffness.

We women go through life under a constant torrent of hormonal changes, the demands of which take a lot of energy out of our liver. Needless to say on top of this, stress and repressed emotions also have a massive impact on the liver’s health.

In Chinese medicine we refer to this condition as "liver depletion". Symptoms include a stagnation of Chi flow everywhere in the body, but particularly the shoulder blades, neck and head section of the Shao Yang channel (Gall Bladder acupuncture meridian). This stagnation greatly impairs blood supply to these areas, causing stiffness, dizziness, headaches and in more severe cases, migraines.

This common pattern very often also affects Chi flow in the Yang Ming (Stomach acupuncture channel) which consequently cannot do its job of assisting the downward flow of digestion and instead rebels upwards causing nausea.

Having treated thousands of patients, locked into a repetitive cycle with these very same symptoms, I developed the IGung Tensional Headache Protocol to teach women of all ages, exactly how to unblock the right acupuncture points and channels to help themselves bring their body back to balance.

Through a smart sequence of self massage and movement, easily incorporated into your daily routine, this on line workshop will teach you step by step, how to build up your juice and release all the tension that saps your energy.

This course is available:

Liver Boost - for women of all ages that have mild symptoms:

• 2 live session online (individuals only) of 60 min each + bonus material reminder

Liver Reset - for women of all ages that often have mild to severe symptoms:

• 6 live sessions online (individuals only) of 45 min each + bonus material reminder

Liver Rescue - for women of all ages that very often suffer severe symptoms:

• 10 live sessions online (individuals only) of 45 min each + bonus material reminder

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung on the Mat – A morning boost

Great for serious Chi Gung, Yoga and sports practitioners this workshop thoroughly explores the power of abdominal hypopressives* and Biotensegrity in one complete IGung move. Once learnt, it takes 10 seconds to do and can easily be added to your daily routine for optimum health and organ functioning.

* (This technique needs to be done on empty stomach)

For individuals or group sessions:

• 2 live sessions online of 30 min each.

For onsite sessions

• Individual or group, please contact here 

IGung Amazon Set

Offered for exceptional students who have deeply embodied a good level of internal awareness through previous study of IGung sets or other internal energy arts.

This course emphasis a deeper integration of the "Three Treasures" (精氣神 - Jing / body, Chi / energy Shen / soul), the "centring / rooting" of the internal martial arts, associated deep breathing work and the power of reverse breathing all of which stabilise the body’s axis literally generating juice and inner strength.

For individual evaluation and bookings online or onsite

• please contact here 

Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
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