How it works

Where we meet

We make contact online or onsite (if you live in Barcelona) to set the tone of our work. We immediately address and treat your main complaint, assess the quality of your reservoirs and start to prevent them being consumed. Straight away you will also learn how to use and apply a couple of the inner tools to start unwrapping your vitality.

From here we discuss the length of your tailor made programme, in which you will learn the techniques and specific practices of your healing kit. These will include grounding, centering, generating life force, understanding your biorhythms and mastering the methodologies to regulate them. All of which will enrich your experience of life in all its aspects.

I understand that our time and energies are precious and we want to make the best of our sessions.

What is this work good for?

Aside from maintaining optimum health this work is also good for the following:
• chronic stress & health problems 
• stiffness
• aches and pains
• anxiety/ Insomnia  
• tiredness
• headaches/migraines/dizziness/ nauseas
• people looking for a preventative measure to avoid a physical and mental break down
• people looking for a new kind of  integrative physical training

How is the method learnt?

Through a system of small refined physical internal movements guided by the mind that connect to specific areas and points, which distribute, harmonise and gradually generate vitality.

During the session I give you the tools based on your specific needs but broadly speaking they are:
• Releasing - resetting your muscle tone and reinvigorating your blood and Chi circulation.
• Aligning - understanding how to use gravity to embody your frame
• Grounding - regulating your nervous system, for rising and sinking energy (fire & water in the body)
• Self awareness - understanding your inner space, emptiness & the process of change
• Centeredness - connecting to and living from the source.

What is gained from the method?

• Increased balance and efficiency in your body
• Deeper centeredness and sharpness in your mind
• Heighten energy and vitality
• Emotional stability
• A more deeply relaxed way of being
• Stronger immunity
• Sexual vitality
• Longevity
• The pleasure of better quality of life

"Our self-esteem, emotional stability, freedom of movement and vitality are all directly connected to the quality of our life force. By unwrapping and restoring optimum Chi flow, balancing and integrating the body, we move it towards regaining its full strength, responsiveness and natural intelligence. "

Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
Start your healing journey now
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