Smart Move IGung Programme

Ancient knowledge for modern living

The origin of IGung Method

Although recently the Western scientific and medical communities recognize the concept of “embodiment”  as an essential quality for individual joy, stability and evolution of humanity as a whole, it is actually an ancient practice that has been the foundation of Taoism and classical Chinese medicine for over 2,500 years.

In ancient China, the Taoists were interested in finding out what the secret of longevity was. After much observation and practice they finally realized that the “Fountain of Youth” was not a magic pill or an elixir, but rather a process, a way of life or an art called Yang Shen which is the spirit/ source in which all classical Chinese medical theory underlies. That is, to adopt the process of regulation of the vital substances that make up our body: the Three Treasures (Body, Chi and Soul) through self-maintenance practices aimed at personal health.


The name of the IGung method comes fundamentally from a contemporary fusion of ancient Chinese wisdom expressed in Chi Gung . The term ” I ” or ” Yi ” means mind and intention in Chinese philosophy; Gung comes from ” Nei Gung ” which literally means work and ” Nei ” refers to inner focus, that is consciousness.

 So in the practice of IGung we cultivate a look inside ourselves, awakening our vital force with Mindfulness and recovering our internal resources. It’s a Smart way to deal with our overloaded and digitally saturated world. This process of energetic embodiment allows us to balance the external demands of life and organically engage with our time on Earth and with Earth.

Embodying the vehicle in which we live provides us with an efficient and harmonious form of movement that allows us to feel force without tension, relaxation without loss of elasticity that results in abundant vitality”.


Smart Move IGung Programme

After having healed myself, and treated and healed thousands of patients through more than twenty eight years of clinical practice, I realized that by accessing the healing power of martial arts and acupuncture I could not only produce a physiological change lasting and meaningful in my students and patients, but also provide them with a clear understanding of the essence of Yang Shen. To do this I needed to develop a “healing kit” – a set of specific exercises and movements, as well as internal tools manageable in any daily routine.
That’s the Smart Move IGung Method. ™

This programme comprised of sessions, workshops and courses teaches exactly this embodyment, as well as centering and grounding (the source of the power of internal martial arts) through various techniques of relaxation, posture, movement, breathing and full body awareness.
You learn a unique set of skills to release everyday and basal (deep-seated) stress on the nervous system. This in turn regulates your internal resources and consequently generates a fuller, more vigorous, grounded and accessible body.

The Smart Move IGung Programme is a dynamic and inclusive approach to health, allowing you to take control of your well-being, experience a sense of personal empowerment and explore the full potential of your life.

The 4 Areas of Operation

Physio-Chi Gung

Individual and personalized rehabilitation sessions, tailor-made to help and treat people suffering from a wide range of chronic ailments.

Fisio – Chi Gung also includes specific individual workshops and courses aimed at people with recurring aches and pains.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Individual and personalised sessions or workshops and specific courses (individual or in group) that aim to reduce deep stress to reset the central nervous system by releasing the sources of youth from the

Perfect for companies that invest in the well-being of their employees and / or people who urgently need to get out of chronic or acute stress.

Women Empowerment

They are individual and personalised sessions or workshops and specific courses (individual or in groups) that aim to revitalise female cycles, generating more health, vigour and pleasure in women’s lives (from puberty to menopause and post-menopause)

Life Cultivation

They are individual and personalised sessions or workshops and specific courses (individual or group) for healthy people, practitioners or not of other internal energy arts, and of other disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, cycling, etc., who want to add healing content to their practices or simply want to make the body / mind connection more powerful, over the years.

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