IGung Method™


It is a therapeutic mindful movement system, developed by physiotherapist Aline Tisato. A practice which includes working with both patients and students, people suffering various degrees of physical pain, discomfort and compromise as well as, people who simply wanted to develop and maintain exceptional levels of vitality.

It is a dynamic and inclusive approach to health, enabling practitioners to take control of their well being, experience a sense of personal empowerment and explore the full extent of their life’s potential.

Basic IGung™

This is an excellent integrative practice, simple and easy to perform in as little as five concentrated minutes a day whilst lying on your bed. Structured as a sequence of ten exercises these moves ultimately restore body connectivity and chi flow to optimize health and mental functioning.

As well as being great for healing people with long term chronic conditions, Basic IGung can be used as a superb complementary programme for those already committed to disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts, cycling, running, swimming and so on.

Postural IGung™

Postural IGung is the more advanced part of the system and focuses on bio-tensegrity, also referred to as a “floating compression “, the purpose of which is to find the ideal, mutually supportive balance between the many forces at work in the body. It re-establishes the perfect relationship between ligaments, soft tissue and bones utilizing a standing position so that gravitational forces can also be used to optimize postural integrity thus enhancing it’s power and minimizing wear and tear on the body.

This focus on refined structural integration means that Postural iGung is capable of extraordinary things. It can heal numerous aliments and chronic conditions that have their origins in long term imbalance. And as a meditative practice its even, smooth, repetitive motions calm the mind, stabilize emotions and cultivate concentration.

IGung Massage™

IGung Massage is a powerful therapeutic hands on method. Using a combination of Shiatsu and Nei Gung/ Tui Na (Chinese mio fascial release), this extraordinary method of manipulation includes, lengthening and spiralling of soft tissue, pumping of the joints and acupressure.

Of its many strengths and benefits, its long lasting results are, perhaps, among the most profound. By releasing deep, often hidden tension, within the central nervous system, a transformation of the bodies overall tone takes place. It becomes more malleable and responsive, allowing for postural readjustment.

The significance of this shift cannot be overstated, as it is from this moment forward that the body, and mind in fact, becomes capable of shifting into a continuous cycle of healing and development.

Taken in conjunction, with Basic IGung or Postural IGung this treatment/practice approach initiates and stabilizes a deep healing process and is highly recommended for those who realistically need to break a continuous cycle of tension, long term pain or discomfort. The treatment is both re-enforced and strengthened by the practice, enabling a profound and permanent healing process to take place.

Recommended for many conditions, including the following common ailments:

• lower back, neck
and shoulder tension
• repetitive strain injuries
• digestive and gynaecological disorders
• stress
• insomnia
• anxiety
• chronic fatigue syndrome
• fibromyalgia
• arthrosis
• herniated disc
• scoliosis
• asthma
• ankylosing spondylitis
• frozen shoulder

Testimonials Basic IGung

I love doing the exercises in the morning, they suit me perfectly. They’re so practical!- Felicidad Tejedor - Psychiatrist
Not only have the iGung exercises become an integral part of my daily routines, but also the ideas and philosophy underlying the method have had a significant impact on my life. - Dr. Annerose Enge l- Neuroscientist
I had a Baker's cyst as well some joint degeneration in my painful left knee. I had no more than 15 degrees of flexion and could no longer walk properly. Due to a chronic kidney problem I was unable to take anti-inflammatories, which made my situation even harder. I’ve tried to do conventional physical therapy but it was only helpful during the session. I did not know what to do anymore, I was very anxious...I started the treatment with Aline and in the first session I felt a big improvement. She taught me very simple exercises to do in bed, which brought me great results. Today, three months later, I feel 90 % better. The treatment has helped me regain full knee flexion and I am able to walk normally. I’ve also been cycling a static bike for 30 minutes 3 times a week, all of which, I can do without any medication...- Carmen Regina Saraiva Schiffer - Professor - Knee Inflammation

Testimonials Postural IGung

I have an inflamed herniated disc, then I’ve discoverd Aline’s Postural iGung exercises. We did a session per week and I practiced by myself once a day for 4 months. I’ve changed my standing posture, the way I relax my buttocks and back, both sitting and standing, and I felt I have the agility of a twenty years old. As the treament was over I stoped practicing and took a trip to New York with my husband. Being jet lagged and after walking the whole day, in the following morning I could not move again… I took a big breath and decided to do my whole sequence of iGung exercices. After one hour of practiing by my self the pain was completly gone. I will not stop doing these exercises, they are a revealing discovery…- Natalia Mendez – Auditor – Patient with herniated disc
Due to my scoliosis, which was causing degeneration between L4-L5 and L5-S1, herniating and compressing the dural sac, I could neither stand nor sit for extended periods of time. The surgeon wanted to operate within six months and faced with this dilemma I tried conventional physical therapy and Pilates. Neither of which worked. Then I met Aline who treated me for a year with an extensive programme of her iGung . Not only did the pain disappear and my general flexibility greatly improved, but now I can also bend forward and touch my toes, which I could not do at all. - Gabriel Pedrone, 21- University Student - Scoliosis
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