Mindfulness Chi Gung

Although the practice of mindfulness has recently being integrated in the western medical and psychological clinics, it is actually an ancient practice which is the essence and has constituted the foundation of Buddhism and Taoism for over 2500 years.

Chi Gung, which is translated as Energetic Exercise, is a Taoist heath system of movement that uses this state of awareness (mindfulness) to restore internal balance, reaching all aspects of a person: body, energy, mind and spirit.

In her weekly classes, Aline Tisato teaches this practice in 3 modalities:

Postural iGung: a technique which restores and regenerates postural integrity and the central axis.

Medical Chi Gung: a specific style of Chi Gung, of Buddhist origin, which produces the agility and flexibility of the Dragon, and the power of relaxed movement of the Tiger. The name of this set is Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung.

Hun Yuan: a more martial system of Chi Gung, translated as Circle without Limit, which stabilizes the core muscles of the body and generates internal strength.

With this combination of styles, people interested in developing total health learn in a gradual and consistent fashion how to build up internal vital force and, consequently, longevity.

If you have any question, ask Aline