Holistic physiotherapist, expert in
Shiatsu / Tui Na / Chi Nei Tzang therapies , acupuncturist and Chi Gung and Tai Chi Chuan Teacher


More than twenty-eight years of study and clinical practice in Brazil, London,
New York and Barcelona

My healing

At the age of twenty my health was weak and complex: I suffered from chronic neck and back pain, constant headaches, menstrual and digestive disorders, fatigue, and also had a very weak immune system. I was young and full of dreams and desires, but I understood that as much as I tried to achieve my goals, my status and my professional ¨ success ¨, it would be impossible to feel fulfilled if my body / mind was not a good home to inhabit.      I was studying physiotherapy when I realised that there was a missing link that would articulate all that knowledge to achieve total well-being, something that they were not teaching us. So, in addition to studying physiotherapy I began to deepen my knowledge in oriental medicine and martial arts, and in this way I managed to release my vital force and comprehend the missing gap, the bridge between the body and the mind: Chi or bio-electricity… and I was healed and understood how wonderful it is to free the body from pain and the mind from its permanent agitation to finally achieve the pleasure of obtaining a healthy “me”.

This is what I have learned, what I practice and what I want to share with you; teach you how to achieve, by yourself, a state of vitality, tranquility and joy, starting from exactly where you are now, so that in this way you can fully connect with your time here on Earth.

My vision


Given that our lives are in a constant flux with a never-ending flow of demands from within and without, it is vital that we are able to process these demands in a timely manner and learn to address the body’s need for balance.

Our physical home, our body, can sometimes be a difficult place to inhabit, and the mind has a profound impact on this conditioning. It directly influence the state of our organs and tissues, as well as how we relate to Life and engage with it. 

Effectively learning  skills that allow accessing the ¨   inner fountains ¨” of vitality,  generates a more vigorous and fuller  body of energy that produces a lasting physiological change. Bringing the mind to a state of serenity and attention allows us to regulate and sustain our body-mind and gain a clear understanding of the essence of Yang Shen. 

I can help you

Benefits of a connected life

In addition to eliminating stress and chronic discomfort, you will obtain greater balance and efficiency from the body as a whole. You will strengthen your immunity, you will achieve greater concentration and clarity in your mind.

By restoring optimal tissue function, balancing organ function, and integrating the body , you will  regain your vitality, responsiveness, and natural intelligence, providing you with more emotional stability and a deeper, more relaxed way of BEING.  

Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Being the master of others is strength;
being the master of yourself is true power.
If you realise that you have enough,
you are truly rich.
If you place yourself in the center
and embrace death with all your heart, you will
last forever.

Tao Te Ching, verse 33

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