Welcome to the holistic  physiotherapist Aline Tisato’s web site.

Here you will be able to find out about her treatments on physiotherapy, acupuncture, chi gung, IGung, postural re-education and diet advice to treat a number of conditions, such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower back and neck pain, arthrosis, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

My patients say:

Aline’s exercises are wonderful! Since the first day I’ve noticed their benefits. Its spectacular!- Enriqueta Moya – Lawyer
….6 minutes of iGung practice in the morning gets me through the day without medication…..- Dr. Luciana Costa - Endocrinologist - Patient with chronic muscle contractures
I suffered from constant pain and had tried almost everything, iGung proved to be the turning point, bringing me great improvement in the quality of my life.- Maria Helena - Journalist - Patient with long term lower back pain
…with Aline I have found something that is quite unique, a technique which seems to stay between acupuncture (acupressure) and osteopathy. During the session she touches all points of the body and mobilizes the soft tissue in a profoundly effective way, firm though painless her touch really renews me with each session.- Heloisa Martin - French teacher – Patient with long term fibromyalgia
…the doctors wanted to replace my hip but the practice of Postural iGung has kept me off the operating table…..- Jose Maria Aguado – Administrator – Patient with hip arthrosis
Right from the first session I felt a noticeable change, especially regarding the pins and needles that I used to feel in my arms as this pain rapidly disappeared. Then as the treatment continued I felt a positive change in terms of my overall body awareness. I now have peace of mind and a sense of mental and physical balance and I rest more deeply during sleep. - Victor Huerta - Information Technologist – Patient with neck pain


In its holistic way of working, Aline choose different therapeutic modalities …

Talks and workshops

Aline organizes talks and workshops on the different disciplines that work …

IGung Method

It is a therapeutic method of mindfulness movement, developed by Aline …

«Our self-esteem, emotional stability, freedom of movement and vitality are all directly connected to the quality and quantity of our life force. By restoring optimum functioning to compromised tissues, balancing and integrating the body, we move it towards regaining its full strength, responsiveness and natural intelligence.»

Aline Tisato