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When women’s batteries run out

We women live in a world which has been governed and developed exclusively by men for thousands of years, and this has greatly affected our mental, emotional and physical body. Throughout history and thanks to the strength and struggle of grandmothers, mothers and sisters, we have gained more space in our society, but our life […]

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Morning Stiffness and Rigidity - What can I do to treat and prevent it?

What is the cause of morning stiffness? "I'm just getting old," is what many people with morning stiffness say, but old age alone is not the only cause of morning stiffness, pain and rigidity.  However, from a physical therapy perspective the causes may be because during the night, we go to sleep, we spend the […]

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Fibromyalgia, How it manifests and how to treat it

Fibromyalgia within the parameters of modern medicine is considered a syndrome with a series of symptoms of unknown etiology, Chinese Medicine considers fibromyalgia as a condition resulting from the general weakness of the spleen-stomach, liver and heart. To understand the difference you need to acknowledge that Chinese Medicine views and analyses organs from a very […]

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Grounding, Rooting & Earthing: A kind of Meditation?

To become stronger, overcome stress, fear and anxiety The practiced of Yiquan (意拳), standing postures for grounding and rooting, has a long history in many types of Chinese martial arts, and they are part of Yang Shen (養生) - the philosophy and techniques broadly aimed as physical cultivation for long life.  Although there are different […]

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Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
Start your healing journey now
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