Aline Tisato

I am a Holistic Physiotherapist, Shiatsu/Tui Na/ Chi Nei Tzang Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chi Gung and Tai Chi Chuan Teacher.

At 20 years of age I was a mess… I had chronic neck/back pain, headaches, digestive and menstrual disorders, fatigue and a weak immune system. As a young woman I had many dreams and desires but I realised then, that even if I reached my dreams, status and professional success, it would be impossible to feel fulfilled if my body/mind wasn’t a good home to live in.
As a physiotherapy student, I could see that there was something missing, that they weren’t teaching what would bind everything together…the bridge from the body mass to the mind, that is life force, bio-electricity or Chi. So, I took a decision and a healing path opened up to me. It was through the physiotherapy as a foundation combined with the depth and knowledge of oriental medicine and internal martial arts, that I managed to heal myself 100% and understand how wonderful is to release a body from pain, a mind from agitation and gain a healthy self that is a pleasure to be with.

And that is what I do, I teach people to do the same.
Touching the sun
"Aline's professional experience is huge and it shows when she makes observations that allow you to reflect on yourself and the circumstances you have experienced. I am very happy to have met her since she has given me a reconnection with my body and, above all, a series of tools so that on a personal level I can take responsibility for my health and can continue to do the necessary work to tune my body with the environment."
Cristina Balaguer
Philosophy Professor
"Aline is very generous, very knowledgeable… She is a very wise and generous person, she is always there for you. She cares a lot about her patients and students… She is a wonderful life guide."
Dr. Anna Iñesta-Codina
H.R. Talent and Well-Being Project Director
“The most valuable message I’ve learned with Aline’s work is that my body is my home… with her way of working I could contemplate results that go beyond just healing my discomforts and pains, but further than that, I could really feel the joy of being in my body… Since then, I myself have embraced the task to optimize this state every day.“
Dr. Annerose Engel
This healing journey starts with a free 15 min consultation, online. From there we decide together on a tailor made a programme according to your specific needs.

Gradually you learn priceless, new skills that allow you to access your "inner fountains" in a practical way. These start to generate a more vigorous and full body of energy, where the strength comes from inside, from the vital organs to the periphery. By harmonising breathing and bringing your mind to a calmer yet more alive state, you learn yourself how to regulate and sustain your body-temple.

I encourage you, just as I do to all of my patients and students, to "grab the bull by the horns" and cultivate life daily. After all, at the end of the day, you are the one that can really tune your own body/mind and make it resonate with and plug into the life we have here on Earth.

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Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
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