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How do you embody your time here on Earth?

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Let my more then 28 years of professional healing experience teach you how you
yourself can become juicy & joyful starting exactly from where you are, so
you can engage fully with your time here on Earth.
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In many ways the first aspect of ourselves that indicates the state of our health and the quality of our life is how we feel in our body.

This physical home can be both a good one or difficult one, with the mind having an immense impact in the condition of our body’s organs and tissues and how we relate to and engage with life.

Given that our lives are in a constant flux with a never-ending flow of demands from within and without, it is vital that we are able to process these demands in a timely manner and learn to address the body’s need for balance.

So wherever you stand right now, whatever you may be feeling…. I can take you from deep stress, aches and stiffness, low vitality/ anxiety/ poor connexion with life to become "a warrior" …all by unwrapping your life force & essence, helping you aligning between Heaven and Earth.


Belen Romero portrait

Belen Romero

""When I started sessions with Aline I was a patient and needed to solve a health problem, now I am a student and I keep on doing the sessions because I can feel the benefits they bring to my life. I leave each session feeling emotionally peaceful, stronger and more confident in myself."
Gloria Oriol portrait

Gloria Oriol

Business Therapist
"With Aline’s guidance my body is starting to understand true relaxation and true strength, as opposed to the extreme laxity and rigidity that used to lead my life. Relaxation, true strength and power occur in the centre. That’s where healing happens too.
Finding that centre has being more valuable to me than I ever expected some physiotherapy and Chinese medicine sessions to be. I can see how it is changing my life.

Aline, what you do is magic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Anna Codina Inesta portrait

Dr. Anna Iñesta-Codina

H.R. Talent and Well-Being Project Director
"Through the practice with Aline I’ve learned to feel when my energy is moving well or not. When it gets stuck, I know how to open the channels and create space inside so the energy flows better. Before, I had no idea I could feel this in my body, and it is amazing! Now I can use and activate those energy centres. I can connect with them and make them work to the service of my intention."

“Stronger in your body and wiser in your heart 
as the years go by”

Let me teach you online or in person, practical tools of how you yourself can break down these patters of stress/tension/confusion/pain and access deep inner fountains of your life force, learn to regulate your resources and become "juicy" via Yang Shen - life cultivating practices so you can put your energies in what matter to you most.
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Aline Tisato

I've healed myself with what I´ve learned and I developed tools and strategies for people to do the same for themselves.
Simply put, it is impossible to feel fulfilled if your body and mind are not a good home to be in.
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