From pain to pleasure…
How do you embody your time here on Earth?

Do anxiety and stress dominate your life?


Has pain become your travelling companion?

Do you feel on edge and have lost connection with life?

Do you feel good about yourself, but would like to grow stronger and wiser?

Smart Move IGung Programme

Ancient knowledge for modern living


The Smart Move IGung Program is a set of online or onsite sessions, workshops and courses with a dynamic and inclusive approach to health that will allow you to take control of your well-being.

You will discover your “vital force points” that will empower you to be able to release stress and pain and find balance, promoting the restoration of your energy stores.

You will make your body the best home for your mind and you will feel fully connected to your time here on Earth.

Who am I

My yesterday, my today…

I am a holistic physiotherapist, expert in Shiatsu / Tui Na / Chi Nei Tzang therapies, acupuncturist and teacher of Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan.

Allow me to share with you my experience from pain to pleasure , as a patient and as a healer, and show you how to achieve, by yourself, a state of vitality, placidity and joy, starting exactly from where you are now.

You will discover the bridge that exists between the body and the mind, the vital energy, the bio-electricity, your Chi.

Sharing with the collective

Conferences and Talks


In my talks I address all kinds of topics related to the way we live life here on Earth, and how we relate to our body:

Mindfulness, Ancient philosophy – Stress and anxiety – Feminine cycles – Chronic pain – Western and Eastern therapies – Living in Essence …

Stronger in your body

and wiser in your heart

as the years go by…


When I started the sessions with Aline I was a patient who needed to solve a health problem, now I am a student and I continue doing the sessions because I can feel the benefits they bring to my life. I leave each session feeling emotionally calm, stronger and more confident in myself.  


Belén Romero

Through practicing with Aline I have learned to feel when my energy is moving well or not. When it gets blocked, I know how to open the channels and create space within for the energy to flow better. Before, I had no idea that I could feel this on my body, and it’s amazing! Now I can use and activate those energy centres. I can connect with them and make them work in the service of my intention.

Dra. Anna Iñesta-Codina
Director of the HR Talent and Wellbeing Project


With the sessions with Aline my body is beginning to understand true relaxation and true strength, as opposed to the extreme laxity and rigidity that used to run my life. Relaxation, true strength and power occur at the center. That is where healing also occurs.

Finding that center has been more valuable to me than I expected a few physical therapy and Chinese medicine sessions to be. I can see how my life is changing.

Aline, what you do is magic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gloria Oriol
Terapeuta de negocios

I was in very bad shape, stressed, tense and exhausted. I started doing the IGung exercises from the bed every day, which Aline taught me and my life has changed enormously. Today I am much calmer and more relaxed, my legs feel more elastic than ever before, my cycling is much more powerful and the pain after my training has disappeared forever.

It’s fantastic!!!

Ivan Oliveres

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